Tranquility, Innovation, Safety and Security. These are the words that best define our motto. DKS was founded in 2007; since then our company has a continuous plan to improve our products and services to become the best option for Panic Hardware solutions such as: Panic bars, locks, door springs and fire doors. We are focused on our customers’ needs and we seek always to exceed expectations at all times. That way not only we guarantee our products quality but strong bounds between our clients and partners. That is the reason why DKS is one of the leading suppliers in the Brazilian Panic Hardware market. DKS offers high quality products and we currently are the only Brazilian company properly certified by ABNT (Brazilian National Standards Organization) for the production of panic bars (Classified as NBR-11785) and fire doors P-90 and P-120 (Classified as NBR-11742). With the DKS products you find your best way out. Our objective is to save lives and ensure security for everyone.


What make us

Our Mission:
"We go beyond tranquility, safety and protection to our clients offering high quality products and services. We do our best to solve our clients needs, expectations and challenges".

Our vision

"To become reference in the brazilian market as the lead supplier for panic hardware. To expando ur presence world-wide".

Our values

• Commitment;
• Transparency and work ethics;
• Consistent communication;
• Promote teamwork always with positive cooperation;
• Respect to our clients, suppliers and employees;
• Trust in all our actions;
• To promote the well being and continuous growth to our employees;
• Sustainability in our operations;
• Promote the organic growth and profitability of our company.

Our policies

We consider ourselves as a commited to quality organization. All of our employees roles are determined accordingly to our organization chart and properly described that way we can garantee the highest quality within all our sectors and processes. Following that matter we can garantee high quality products, good communication between clients and offering the best prices and estimates.



The "Panic bar" main functionality is to facilitate the opening of a door with an automatic unlocking in an escape route for emergencies. It is considered a very important safety device. According to brazilian regulations, panic bars must be present in places where the circulção people is equal to or greater than 50; Suchas in hospitals, factories, schools, universities, cinemas, concert halls, theaters and residential buildings/condos. All panic and emergency devices must be certified according to ABNT (Brazilian Technical Standards Association) NBR 11785.

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